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Shinwon Tech has concluded an exclusive repair contract with Osaka Vacuum since 1998 and is providing experienced personnel and quality service for Osaka Vacuums turbomolecular pump that is being used in South Korea.


Introduction of Osaka Vacuum

  Japans Osaka Vacuum is a specialized manufacturer of vacuum products with a history of 50 years.
It is especially renowned for its reputation as the worlds leading firm in the field of turbomolecular pumps.

The quality of high-end vacuum devices that have been manufactured by Osaka Vacuum have been proved through their use in various industrial sites, universities, and research facilities, and the reliability and durability of their products have been differentiated from that of other manufacturers.
What is the turbomolecular pump?
  The turbomolecular pump is a mechanical vacuum pump with a rotor made of a fast rotating
turbine blade,helical groove, or a combination of the two. It strikes gas molecules,
which then collide with the surface of the rotor and exhausted.
The main merits of turbomolecular pumps
  1. Oil-free ultrahigh vacuum or extreme high vacuum
2. Similar pumping speed for all gases
3. Can exhaust rare or corrosive gases
4. Can exhaust large quantities of gases
5. Wide range of operating pressure

Features of Osaka Vacuum turbomolecular pump
  1. Excellent durability
2. Long lasting
3. Easy to obtain ultrahige vacuum
4. High compression ratio in viscous and medium flow
5. High cost performance
6. Various product lines to fit your needs