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TR Lead Frame PWR TR Lead Frame

TR (Transistor) is a semiconductor element comprised of an emitter, collector, and base, which can be used for amplification, oscillation, detection, or as a switch. The PWR TR (Power Transistor) is a main component for switches and control, which is used in automobiles and various electronic components with a steady rise in demand.

Shinwon Tech is currently manufacturing lead frames for TR and PWR TR with excellent safety variables of the pad and lead based on our excellent molding design technologies and strict manufacturing management.


SOT / SOD Lead Frame

The recent trend in minimization of electronic components has led to a decrease in the size of constituent components, which has increased the demand and use for SOT (Small Outline Transistor) and SOD (Small Outline Diode). Furthermore, the size and configuration of the lead frames pads and lead are becoming smaller and more complicated, which has led to Shinwha Tech mass-producing high-quality lead frames in order to meet customer demands through endless technological developments and production process management. Shinwha is also in pursuit of lead frame production for LEDs that have difficult-to-achieve value safety, which will soon lead to Shinwhas contribution to the growth of standard lighting and electronic component markets.



IC Lead Frame LED Lead Frame
Electronics Division manufactures LED lead frames, lead frames for integrated circuits, various electronic components, and heat sinks for efficient heat dissipation.