Shinwon Tech Inc. is a corporation that manufactures the best-quality products in order to meet customer satisfaction as well as to provide them with customer values.
In order to attain these values, Shinwon Tech Inc. is achieving value creation for various customers through outsourcing with each business department based on the main materials and precision processing technologies.
One Stop System
  Stabilization of quality, quick response capacity, and price-competitive strengths have been realized by establishing a collective production system where all processes including raw material collection, precision processing, assembly, and manufacturing take place in the same location.
Stable Quality System
  Products of stable quality are manufactured through process standardization and a quality inspection system acquired through the ISO9001, ISO14001 quality certification system.
Partners and Business Sites
In celebration of the 30th anniversary, we focused on the new outlook of our integrated corporate image (CI) so that all our products and services with the new brand image (SHINWON in English) can become clearly recognized throughout the world.
The newly developed CI expresses our 30-year-long customer¡¯s trust, ceaseless challenges for R&D, and advanced technology in the field of precision technology, thus it contributes to the promotion of Shinwon as a truly global company.
First of all, the simple but powerful font implies Shinwon¡¯s technology and customer trust.
The quadrangle symbolizes the ¡°value¡± created for our customers through Shinwon¡¯s technology as well as a ¡°door¡± through which we express our endless creativity for the development of new technologies.
It means the ¡°open window¡± through which we accept the opinions of customers with an open heart.
Expressing the premium position and nobility, the gold color implies the corporate vision to grow with our customers and clients, preserve the environment, and contribute to the community; and our will to become the world¡¯s leading firm with the best-quality products with Shinwon¡¯s unique creative production technologies.